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B2k feat. B2k featuring p. Baby aka the 1 stunna feat. Baby bash feat. Baby beesh featuring frankie j. Baby blue soundcrew feat. Babyface feat. Back in the u. Bad astronaut feat. Bad boy greatest hits vol. Bands like it when you yell yar! Basement jaxx feat. Bayou degradable: the best of louisiana's Beanie sigel feat. Beenie man feat. He was born in Missouri in Please let me hear from you if you have even a hint of this song! Linda Kestner lfkestner3 msn. Always a favourite when he does it live, people love to sing along.

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It's a really good song, he's a legend! Li Maree having such a fine time since discovering Mudcat. O jolly-olly-umbo! O Nicodemo! O jolly-olly oompah! Sarasponda, sarasponda, sarasponda, ret set set, Sarasponda, sarasponda, sarasponda, ret set set! Hossay possay oh!

Hey, We think we know you!

He's babbling on about something, and he slides into "With a hey nonny nonny and a hot cha cha! I sing it for school kids all the time. When they get to the "roll, jenny jenkins, roll" they hold their arms out and roll them around each other easier to do than to explain. Getting back to favorites, I've always liked to sing "Guabi Guabi". I know that it is not really nonsense, as it actually has a meaning in whichever African dialect it originated from, but I learned it off an old Jim Kweskin Live at the Cafe 47 LP, and just tried to get the phonetics out.

It is a real gas to sing, because you can be virtually free of meanings of the lyrics and enjoy the purity of the music. I thinkl I first learned it because I liked the guitar arrangement. As I hear Anne Briggs sing the refrain, it's "Fol-de-rol tu-ra-la dae", and perfectly expresses a poacher's gleeful disdain for the Game Laws.

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And of course, the word "folderol" has come to actually mean "nonsense", in reference to such folk songs. Cheers, Hester. What will you, my dear, oh dear, then what will ya wear J. Singing, singing, buttercups and daisies Met a lady making her way, fol de dee Her eyes were blue, and gold was her hair As she went on to S. Reevo, reevo, fol de diddle di do Reevo, reevo, fol de diddle day Just trips right off the tongue. Subject: RE: Favorite songs with Nonsense refrains From: Art Thieme Date: 06 Apr 03 - PM The Star Spangled Banner mainly the part about the glory of "the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air" I'd rather we had a national anthem like "Waltzing Matilda"about a homeless hobo sho steals a sheep to keep from starving and rather than get caught, drowns himself.

Art Thieme. Giddy i-ae bang bang bang Play it on your old bass drum. So we say, Hip Hooray!

Welche Songs wurden gespielt?

Lintin lowrin, lowrin, lowrin, 13 Sing hushabye loo, low loo, low lan. Hushabye loo, low loo 14 To my toora loora la, my toora loora laddy.

Ri toora loora la, ri toora loora laddy. Tiddle-lee-oh-toe, tiddle-lee-oh-toe, tiddle-lee-oh-toe - toe-tum.

Tiddle-lee-oh-tah-den, tiddle-lee-oh-toe, tiddle-lee-oh-toe-tum. Tiddle-lee-oh-dah-den, doodle-lee-dah-dum 16 Diddle-ly row-da-row-da-row. Diddle-ly row-da-row-da-row. That is probably readily found at a shanty site. A "lime-juice tub" is a British ship, from the practice of using limes to prevent scurvy, required by the British Navy before most industries were thinking of OSHA concerns. It had many verses and was almost certainly sung, as shanties and many other worksongs, with improvised verses.

There are many of these work songs from Scotland, Ireland, and particularly the northern islands, where automation arrived later, and from much of Europe. I am not sure but believe "Sarasponda" is from northern Europe.


They proposed absurdly lame to my eight year old ear explanations, such as "Maybe he's trying to say big animal? Coming from Transylvania must be as cool a place for a band to come from but the area is home to over a million ethnic Hungarians so it is for Hungary that the boys from Selfish Murphy would be pulling on the shirt for in the World Cup if they were any good! They even managed a visit to these shores to play the Gobefest festival in Manchester this time last year celebrating the music, culture, food and drink of Transylvania and the Carpathian Basin. After Crying begins with a song that sets the standard for the whole album.

A great song with an outstanding singalong chorus. The rest of the lads join in and a song that would have plenty Irish music fans convinced that they from the Emerald Isle itself. Fast and over in a flash none of the songs here hang around long and if anything are over a bit too fast and the songs could be allowed to develop a little bit longer. With eleven songs the album is only half a hour long but this certainly ensures your interest.

A cracking song that shows the band at their best.