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Ausschreitungen in Port-au-Prince. Datum Mehr zum Thema. Nachrichten auf einen Blick Geplatzter Lithium-Deal: Deutsche Firmen hoffen weiter. Was will die Opposition in Bolivien erreichen? Wer erbt Omas Bitcoins? Berlin gedenkt des Mauerfalls. Ein deutscher Schicksalstag. Worldwide, , people die each year of food infections. Phages are to change this. The Dutch manufacturer Micreos expects an approval for the whole EU. Phages occur everywhere: in the soil, in the sea, even on bread and on the skin.

And they are highly specific. That is, one type of phage affects only a few types of bacteria. A Phage penetrates into its host and multiplies therein until the single-cell bursts. Deadly for bacteria but harmless for humans. Although phages were discovered in the s, no single case is known in which a human being is diseased.

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On the contrary, as enemies of pathogenic bacteria, phages can repress cholera agents or wound infections. However, since more and more bacteria are resistant to antibiotics, the technology has been experiencing a renaissance for several years, particularly for combating food infections. The company Micreos has developed two phage products: one for Salmonella and one for Listeria. The customers spray or soak turkey, chicken, fish, milk products and also pre-cut vegetables with it.

Approximately one billion phages are then placed on each gram of food. The approval authority in the USA had no security concerns. For several years now, the petition has been lodged against Listeria. She called for studies that show how reliable Phages are. After the producer submitted 33 different experiments, the agency issued a cautious attitude in August As a result, the product can reduce the number of listeria on meat, dairy products and fish by a factor of to However, since foodstuffs prepared in all experiments were investigated, it was uncertain how strong the effect on real goods would be. Ebooks and Manuals

It asks the manufacturer to make more field studies in the event of an authorization. Also, it is necessary to observe Micreos. Since the goods would be treated just before leaving the factory, resistant phages could not accumulate in production, he says. The studies conducted by the Hanover Veterinary College and the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment show that phages can inhibit food germs. For example in the chicken coop: In the gut of fattening fowls, the most common foodstuff increases at all: Campylobacter.

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