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Seeing Things is a Canadian comedy-drama mystery television series which originally aired on CBC Television from to With the exception of "Seeing R. The show starred Louis Del Grande as Louis Ciccone, a newspaper journalist who solves murders with the help of postcognitive visions.

Louis can only control this ability by investigating clues given in a vision.

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In some episodes, such as "Seeing the Country", he is able to stop visions from entering his mind. Only when he discovers new information will further visions occur, which provide increasingly more detail until they finally reveal the murderer. Del Grande formerly an actor, writer and co-producer of the hit sitcom The King of Kensington was also the show's creator and writer.

The show also starred Del Grande's real-life wife Martha Gibson [1] as Ciccone's ex-wife Marge, who, even though she and Louie were divorced, continued to help him with his cases. Marge even drove Louie around town Louie, like Del Grande in real life, was too hyper to get a driver's license , though she initially rejected Louie's desire to rekindle their relationship they finally became a couple again in the show's final season.

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Del Grande and Gibson were married, then divorced in real life; they had re-wed just before the series started. The show won several awards. In Canada, it aired on Sunday evenings, typically drawing 1. I was very afraid because I thought it might be a ghost. But then, someone told me that my maid might be having a hallucination.

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What is a hallucination? A hallucination is a false perception that has no identifiable external stimulus. A hallucination is different from an illusion because an illusion is a perception of something that is not actually there. For example, when a TV is playing and you hear your name being called.

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There are indeed sounds coming out of the TV, but you misheard them. Hallucinations can involve the five senses. Hallucinations can essentially involve seeing, hearing, tasting, feeling or smelling something that is not there. People experiencing these hallucinations may be or may not be aware that these hallucinations are false.

This is the false perception of sound, voices, music, or noises when there is no auditory stimulus. This is the most common type of hallucination in mental disorders.


The voices here can be heard inside your head or outside your head, and the disorder is considered more severe if the voices come from outside your head. There may be more than one voice, and they can be talking to you or talking to each other, sometimes about you. You may hear a male or female voice. In mental disorders like schizophrenia, the voice usually says something unpleasant or negative. In disorders like major depression, the voice usually says something critical.

In mania, the voice usually says something elevating or conforming your grandiose delusions.

Seeing Things

This is the false perception of sight — which may be something simple such as shapes, colours or flashes of light, or something complex like human figures or entire scenes. Sometimes, you can even perceive a religious figure standing before you. This is the false perception of taste, which is usually unpleasant.