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If you have a USB-C based computer pretty much any new machine , you can indeed charge it from a simply USB port though how fast it will charge depends on what quality of port they install. Oh dear, what have I done! Plane had not been refurbished obviously. The aircraft looked like it had not been cleaned since Service was awful. Surly cabin crew.

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The second meal had at the time, been eliminated. Instead, the pre-landing snack consisted of a passed around basket featuring energy bars. The airline is a shadow of its former self when it comes to a service offering, whether the planes are LGW or LHR based.

Thought this was clickbait but no power outlets is pretty bad. A make-over does not mean an improvement, it means change — which has happened. No lying and the exaggerated marketing is no worse than what every other airline on the planet does…. Perhaps Lucky should consider making this site even more interesting and informative by giving more attention and personal evaluation of the cabin crew experience. Careful Lucky: your tantrums are becoming just too common, repetitive and quite frankly, boring,.

If the price is the same, would you rather fly on year old BA plane that has been refitted or a brand new plane operated by a LCC? BA needs to do this quickly and refresh its fleet much quicker. The Nice Paul — I really want to thank you for proving my point.

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You are trying to set up a straw man. Think about it, do you even want BA to be compared to those three? And unfavorably at that? The bitterness on here towards that airline just exceeds all logic. Sorry but people on here need to get some perspective. Back then we were known as Road Warriors and we were constantly traveling.

Otherwise we drive. My point? Things are much more stressful. As an indicator of my advanced years, the first plane that we flew in was the Pan Am Yankee Clipper — aka Boeing Clipper , though I was too young to remember it except that we had to step on the sponsons to exit from the plane to the boat that took us to shore. To replicate that today at an affordable price is to book a suite on a luxury cruise ship. Again, time should not be a consideration.

Have you read this Lucky? If you did your job well, you could count on it being a cradle to the grave job. Probably your parents, your uncles and aunts and cousins and siblings worked there too. What I cautioned my sons to consider was that if they thought that they were so damned smart, that they should aim to become Employers rather than employees. Which is what they did. Thus they also became millionaires. The most hilarious bit is that travelupdate actually is positive about this whole thing.

And they fly economy much more than HE Lucky.

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  8. Lucky would have more credibility if he actually flew long haul economy. Also plug points at seats seem to be a standard amenity. When Lucky starts flying Norwegian and Wow on a regular basis, his outrage might be more understandable. It increases engagement on the page.

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    They have 8 First seats instead of the normal 14 as on most of their other 4 class aircraft. The reason for this is the slim line new seats that maximise knee room unlike BA. Also Ba although 9 abreast has wider asiles. Their seats are not as wide as other 9 abreast Operators. Frankly, if they have managed to install modern slim line seats, it may actually be a better experience. And when was the last time you flew long haul BA WT?

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    The vast majority of those sitting in the back will only need power to recharge their phones or perhaps tablet, though the enhanced IFE will provide enough entertainment choices neither device will be needed to pass the time. I still fly in the back cabin and still have an inch or two on either side of me…the biggest issue is coming to agreement with the person next to you about who gets the front or the back of the arm rest! Lucky you should come out of your silo. Is it not as bad as first thought?

    Just got off a RT trip on the One flight was with the updated and denser seating, the other with the older 9 seat configuration.

    Review: Comfort+ on Delta’s 767-300ER — JFK to Madrid

    Admittedly while I dislike the denser seating, the fact is that the the non-updated plane was just terrible. The bathrooms actually had scotch tape holding vents in place. Sure seemed like BA was throwing in the towel on this plane. While the screen size is more realistic for the seating is not. My biggest grips is reclining seats. This should be abolished. No big screen, or USB will compensate. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

    Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Here are some pictures of the new economy cabin: Here are some pictures of the new premium economy cabin: As the headline suggests, let me get to the part of this development that offends me. Tip of the hat to jmmccarthy Facebook.

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    More from One Mile at a Time. Ben Lucky. Lucky, just heard UAL has put a pause on the new incentive program. Do you have a source, by chance? Lucky Kirby sent out an internal memo. At least one major news service is reporting this. Incredibly forward thinking move by BA if so. Michael Lol and Lucky is right. This is an improvement — the Gatwick s were in deplorable cabin condition. First to worst in just less than two decades. Well done BA! I still like and appreciate posts here, but I think he needs to be a bit more objective.

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    The old ones were appalling. Healing can only start once you stop the denial. Embrace the truth, BA sucks. Brian Completely agree with you on the suckiness of the US3. But I digress. Rest of world use the word FAT.

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    This plane has a total seating capacity of passengers in a two class layout and cruises at a speed of mph at an altitude of ft. There are 12 channels of audio entertainment on this plane. There are LCD monitors on the ceiling as well as large projectors throughout the cabin. Check the seat map for exact LCD monitor locations. Check the seat map! Your seat may be equipped with a DC power outlet. AA uses a cigarette lighter style outlet delivering 15 volts of current.

    Usually, a power outlet is available on every seat in First and Business class, as well as selected rows in the Economy cabin.