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I stay committed no matter the limit you better believe.

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It starts and it stops but it always knows. RIVER take me home! I am on my way, truth be told. Give me love over gold, troubled waters. Chorus Freedom in falling away. I am falling. Freedom in falling away. Verse 2: Carved initials on the stones down by the waterside dents upon my flesh from messing with the sharpest knives. Nothing lasts forever. You can find it in the moment where it all unfolds. Verse 3 I step out the door like a lonely ghost drifting down the road I am up on my feet, hands exposed, my dream in the wind as I weave through the flow.

I can feel it inside, a river on fire, troubled waters. Produced by Alex Ellison Mr. Verse 1 All who wander aint lost. But we still pay the cost. Lost in the mix. Steady tripping in a wilderness of thought. Pondering the limits where the wild things still walk.

I confess that the pace can be hard. Made up of stars trying to play the part. LOVE, it aint for the faint of heart giving it your all as a slave to your art. Lost in the cosmos harvesting knowledge, in-between awake and unconscious. Grab a moment and hold it tight. Squeeze some love out your life till she treats you right.

River City Girls

Chorus ALL for love. We do it all for the love. This is all for love. We do it all for the love 2X Verse 2 Dream on little dreamer. Just you and your legion of non-believers. Still searching for some brighter meaning. That could shine a little light on your darkest demons.

II. Bloodraven and the Greatest Evil

Plus I travel to the farthest regions, where the earth cracks open and the water bleeds in. Seeking something like a higher purpose late night by the river trying to scribe these verses. We do it all for the love 2X God damn. Work hard, play hard, never fucking hold back. I gotta go like rain on snow, out the door, one more time to the danger zone.

And I been hanging with these crazy souls. Ready to go for broke until we take the globe.

Flow flawless, courageous but cautious, cunning and melodic. Got the vision of a prophet.

The Delta is an Indian Place

Living life, lawless. We travel the continents, aquatic like Lockness. I guess I got a couple points to prove. We do it all for the love 2X. Brought up in the mountains near the border of Oregon. Mountain lions, big foot and bears up in our front yard. Nearest sizable town 2 and a half hours. WE make our own electric, hydro and solar power. K through 8, ten kids all up in a soccer match.

Where the water runs cold from the mountains. Let my soul head on home down that Salmon River Road. They gave us crazy names. With a few normal ones in the mix, like Amanda and Tamara. Sherry family had a box car to live in up on the Black Bear commune. I tried my first weed and liquor. I miss the old days, but embrace the new. Like anywhere else. If nothing else I hope my roots stay strong. Chorus: Take me home, Take me home. I give praise everyday and stay grateful. Jumped right off the edge My heart felt the consequence.

Lost in a dense and distant kinda feeling. The only thing left to do is start healing. Hit the earth and accepted my weakness. Trying to describe the hurt but I was speechless.

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Dreaming one day It might drift away. So I shut you out like a burning flame. I snuck out the door to my peaceful forest. Wounded at the source. But stronger at my core.

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Verse 2. Shaped by the changes, scars on my face. Where the fire in your eyes was the only light I kept. Kept my karma focused. The art soaked in heart broken dark moments. Far northern chill, frozen, bliss, these days. I got a grip on the loneliness and I sing. Verse 3 So much devotion in my ocean stay brave heart. But I was haunted by the constant thought of seeing you with someone else that made it hard to talk.

I for one am sure that I… Let you down. Full of lines from old letters. Hendri Coetzee Audio Sample: "We try and justify, what we do. The fact is what we do is unusual. But why this? There are other things to understand. There are other things to do. There are…. There are easier and harder things to do. It's not about the hardest thing. I think the people who are drawn to this place It's a calling. There's other things I can do.