PDF LAuto-Hypnose - Un voyage au centre de vous-même (French Edition)

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Stolen Watkins Media Political Science. Continue Reading. Do you know what organs you need to stimulate to better cross the winter? What are the emotions that are flowing with the cold season? How can the chi nei tsang help you? According to traditional Chinese medicine, each season is associated with an organ and a entraille, a negative emotion and a positive emotion, an element and a color. During the winter season, the cold rises and this season is traditionally associated with the kidneys and the bladder, fear and kindness, the water element and the black or dark blue color.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, the kidneys are the seat of innate energy transmitted at birth. This energy allows growth and sexual functions.

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Kidneys contribute to blood production Bone Marrow and immune defense. The kidneys are the fundamental energy reserve of the body that must be maintained and preserved. In Case of need, they compensate for the disabilities of other organs. In Winter, the kidneys are facing a thermal energy deficit, called "Yang" in traditional Chinese medicine, and a accumulation of negative emotion related to fear. It is then important to preserve and stimulate this yang vital energy, to balance emotions and to strengthen the kidneys and the bladder by practicing targeted preventive exercises of qi gong or appropriate qi nei zang Chi Nei Tsang sessions.

In a chi nei tsang session, Melanie invites you to a true " Organ Meditation " session with the six vibration sounds of healing " healing sounds " where each organ is associated with a sound. The Vibration of this sound allows to turn negative emotions into positive emotions. The idea is that " hate can be transformed into joy heart , concern in trust rate , sadness in courage lungs , fear gently kidneys , anger in generosity liver.


Emotions are an energy. Instead of fighting them, repress them or spill them on someone else, learn how to create a new positive energy that will be useful to your well-being ".