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It is hard work, not only the writing, but the marketing as well.

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Keller, author of Pippa's Rescue. Never let rejection stop you, no matter how much it hurts. Pick yourself up and dust yourself off, and find people who can help you improve your writing until it is at the level in needs be. Everyone can always improve, no matter what stage they are at in their careers.

Read every book and blog you can find on querying. There is a lot of good information out there. Try to learn from your mistakes. Query in batches and gauge the responses you get.

Then analyze and tweak your query based on those responses or non-responses. Writers, especially self-published authors like myself, are expected to spend enormous amounts of time promoting their work. If that's the case, when do we ever get the time to actually write? However, although self-publishing can be rewarding, it can also be very time-consuming and requires a strong dedication to promoting your work.

So for me the most difficult aspect of being a writer is to sell without selling out. I get up at five a. I can pop out a fairy tale parody skit in an hour, but a new full length work can take two months. Frankenstreudel's Lemon Fresh Laboratory of Horrors. I truly enjoy wring. A labor of love. Foster, author of Me and C Colors. I believe we go too far on either end of the continnum. When epublishing and print on demand came out many said they would take over print books, but that hasn't been the case.

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I think the process is still in flux, and those who are coming out on top are the places that are able to house the traditional and new technological ways to sell books. I was driven to write, illustrate, publish, and market on my own.

Some actually bothered to send rejection letters. In the course of that effort I learned that the publishing industry had done a miserable job in its role as gatekeeper and dearly deserved the comeuppance it was about to get from electronic publishing. I also think it will be more difficult for a book to become a national best seller without the backing of a big publishing house, an agent or media frenzy. This is because I am a playwright who local theater patrons will recognize as the writer of Althea's Well, lst place last year at the Civic as well as A Christmas Key, several years ago for the All For One Theater.

Now more talented writers will have the ability to share their work with the world. The Big Publishing houses are already paying more attention to the independent writer. It has given independent writers, editors, artists, and designers a lot more opportunity to get their work out there. After all, Kindle and iPads are wonderful tools for those who enjoy reading a good novel, but don't have the time or the space for hard-bound books. It's a win-win situation. Noon p. Moderator: Mary Voors.

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It is the first day of school for a new student and she is faced with a bully. This book helps readers understand that sometimes the most bothersome people may just be needing a friend. The person writing this description chose to offer the reader a brief main idea paragraph , without revealing any of the events from the story. The book, written for beginning readers, contains only 12 pages.

In that case, describing any single event would be to give away the whole story! You must think of who your audience will be, and make your book description appeal to those individuals. A teacher, for example, is drawn in by the simple description of this little book for several reasons:. The best way to know how much detail to include in your description is by traveling to the local library or bookstore and holding real books in your hand. Become familiar with how other writers within your genre handle the back cover book description. See for yourself how the title, cover illustrations and book description work together, to make the reader want to know what lies within the pages.

Does the main character greatly fear something?

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Make the reader feel a bit of that fear. Has the character suffered great loss? Introduce the main character and the problem. Offer hints about events in the story without giving away the juicy details.

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A brief author byline is fine, but readers want to know about the book! If you must mention yourself, remember to continue writing in the 3rd person point of view. Refer to yourself as he or she—you are merely acting as a reporter. Place the byline last, with a definite space to separate it from the exciting book description. Here is an example of the concise, informational paragraph on Michael Hyatt, the author of Free to Focus. If you share the conclusion on your book cover, why will the reader bother to open the pages and read inside your book?

Leave the reader intrigued enough to want to purchase your book, so that they can discover the ending on their own. Write multiple attempts of your book description. Revise your favorite version as many times as you need to, until you are satisfied with the results. Then, let several colleagues and potential readers of the appropriate age level look over your best attempts and offer their input.

You will make the final decision for the book description that appear on your book cover, of course, but listen carefully to their suggestions. They are, after all, part of the multitude who will make the decision to buy your book, or not, based upon the cover! Related: How to Write a Nonfiction Book.

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Several years ago, I was privileged to be a ghostwriter for a unique book of memoirs. When writing the back cover description for a book of memoirs that stretches over a lifetime, it can be challenging to pinpoint that single, most important thread which describes the path this person has trodden through life.

But that is precisely what you need to share with the reader. What made this person unique? Make sure that you read the whole book manuscript.

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