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Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Lucy is a beat cop in Berkeley, so not much surprises her. But when her son is abducted by elves and taken under the hill, it's going to take a lot more than what she learned in the Police Academy to get him back.

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Sort order. I loved Silla's strength and willingness to do whatever it took, no matter how it would affect her personally. I loved Nick's perseverance and care. I loved the way that Lilith was handled. The characters were people that the reader might have met already--with a Magical Crazy going after them. The story had a unique plot. It never dragged or felt tiresome. The conflict was dire, and the resolution was fitting and creative. I didn't devour it, but I like that I wanted to take my time to understand and wade in the pretty language the author used.

When I did put it down, though, it crept into my thoughts, and that constitutes a good book to me. Should I have moral issues for saying I really enjoyed a villainous character? I'll worry about what that says about me later. Where to even start with this book, I just don't know It's told mainly from two different points of views. I really liked Silla. The best way to describe her would be beautifully broken.. Her pain was so raw, it bled through the pages. Nick, he was a great supporting male role.

I loved them together. Their love had a bit of an old ancient connection feel to it.. Like they were meant to be with each other but not in that love at first sight sappy way. If that makes any sense, if not, it will when you read it. This whole story was so original.

It sucked me in from the very first pages. I loved how the back story was told throughout the book through journal entries. I was so excited every time I saw those Italicized letters Blood Magic has this great creepy feel to it. The book was captivating, it had very few 'downtimes', and those that were, were filled with lovable characters that Great book, Great Entertainment, Love the story. It wasn't boring at any point I can remember, and I actually ended up loving the book, sponsored or not, it's actually some of the better I've read in a while and well worth my time as a reader.

The chapters were short, which made the book excellent for periodic reading, allowing the reader to take breaks and reconnect to the story when the time came. I was a bit worried that the book wouldn't be right up my alley as I usually like to read about different races, magic and such fantasy, but it turned out the book had magic, and it does have different races, tough not in the traditional sense.

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It has a story, and a backgound. Not everything is as it seems, and traditions and culture differences between nations are emphasized, makeing it both interesting and fun. After all, haveing the main character sing to a woman he fancies when he really has no singing voice, is an adventure in itself. If I wanted to find a downside to the book, it's actually mostly about the end. The end was thrilling and had good action, great fun! But it was also obvious for the most part.

Blood Calls to Blood (Magic in Suburbia)

Most of the book expoited the 'unknown', the 'mystery', the 'adventure', but the end was pretty much written beforehand. There were some suprises to the obvious though, and that was a nice twist. I'm happy to recommend this book to others. It gets a 5 star, simply cause of the lack of 'downtime'.

And I'm happy to say that the second book in this series I have no reason not to keep reading this series as of yet.

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Jun 12, Lori Holuta rated it it was amazing. At first glance, you might think Blood Calls is a vampire novel, but you'd be wrong. At second glance, you might think it's the story of a boy and his dragon, but you'd be only half-right. Just stop glancing, sit down, and read! This delightfully smart and witty adventure story cracks the tropes and sets a high standard for fantasy adventure. I especially enjoy what I call 'new eyes' in storytelling, where we learn about the world through the eyes of characters exploring new lands and societies.

But there's so much more in store for him and his bonded dragon pal, Blood. As Corbin slowly comes into his own, we explore the world, his dragon bond, and even flashbacks to his childhood right along with him. He soon befriends a street urchin named Dante, who's fashioned himself a small newspaper empire. Dante becomes another set of new eyes for us to see through.

And then there's the magic. Lots of magic, complicated magic that's intriguing without being confusing.

And there's battles, and swordplay, and a pretty love interest, of course - but author Charles D. Shell brings it all to life with a fresh approach. It's not as sappy as it sounds! There's lots of snark, sarcasm, and 'oh crap what did I get into now' action. That action slowly ramps up, ever higher, and never slides backwards. It's a gasp-aloud, read one more chapter even though it's already 2am, kind of book.

I have to mention that I rather enjoyed the use of modern language in place of the typical flowery fantasy talk, and the various crazy situations that border on the absurd, without becoming unbelievable. I highly recommend Blood Calls, and will be avidly watching for the next book in the series. May 10, William Bentrim rated it it was amazing. This was a great book. I love buddy movies and buddy books.

In this case one buddy is human and the other is a dragon. Corbin and Blood, his dragon buddy, have been the butt of prejudice all their lives. The result was like frying pan to fire. The author has done a nice job showing the negative impact of prejudice based on nationality and religion. He also showed the impact that friendship and love can have on those This was a great book.

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  6. He also showed the impact that friendship and love can have on those who are willing to share it.