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In fact, 57 percent of millennial moms in the U.

2. The gift of genuine, specific praise

Despite scant positive media messages about what is possible for these parents and their families, un-partnered parents of all income levels thrive in countless ways. For four years I have blogged at WealthySingleMommy. Most are women 85 percent of single parents are moms who have built incredible lives for themselves and their families. Follow these rules to become a wealthy single parent:. Take full responsibility for your quality of life. But he or she might not do that. Focus on what you can control, and never give your power away to others.

Never under-earn to qualify for more child support or alimony or to avoid paying child support or alimony. You and your children will benefit in countless ways, including having an energized parent, more income and setting an invaluable example for your children for what is possible. Prioritize self-care. Do not buy into the messages that all single parents are harried, worn out and barely getting by. Exercise every day. Make time each week to spend with people you love and who make you laugh. Invest time in hobbies and volunteer work that fulfills you. All of these things make you a better person, which means you have that much more to give to your children.

Build a network. You and your children need and deserve a warm circle of loving, supportive people on whom you can count for support, laughter and shared memories.

10 Traits of Toxic Parents Who Ruin Their Children’s Lives

Maybe this circle is your wonderful given family, or a tribe of friends and neighbors you build yourself. Perhaps you find this community in your house of worship or through a local organization. Reach out, humble yourself and accept help. Ask for what you need, and be open to receiving it. Be grateful. Yes, being a single parent is hard, but you also live in a time of unprecedented wealth , convenience, and professional and economic opportunity.

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7 Rules to Be Wealthy as a Single Parent

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Prayer Request. So what does "success" mean to the Christian parent? For me, it's to raise my kids in a manner that cultivates their hearts for God. The Apostle Paul told the early church to imitate him as he imitated Christ. I believe every parent is called to the same mission. Much of our pursuit as parents comes down to a modeling effect. Our children will likely follow where we've already been and one day head down the same road we're on right now. If we're following the footsteps of Christ, our children will be impacted.

While it's not a guarantee that they'll take the narrow road with us, it's a maxim that God often uses to draw our children to Himself. No—our child's salvation does not rest on our shoulders.

Top 10 Homework Tips

Thank goodness for that. It is a God-given assignment that should cause every parent to live a life of great prayer, purpose and constant preparation. Regardless of what may happen along your child's journey of faith—never give up. Just as God will never give up on us. Here are 10 parenting traits or patterns that will help build a pathway for your child as he or she matures into the adult God desires them to be. Additional Posts What's Your Motive?