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Playa speaks only four lines, each occurring during the final mission of each story arc. During cut-scenes, he is always armed with only a VICE9 pistol, while all around him have K6 Krukov 's and other heavy weaponry. The 3rd Street Saints begin as a minor element in Stilwater 's current war for territory amongst its major gang factions: the Vice Kings , the Westside Rollerz and Los Carnales. Over the course of gameplay, the Saints become the most powerful organized gang in the city. In present-day Stilwater , the VK's serve as little more than the private security force that serves to safeguard King's personal dynasty.

According to events in the game, [ which events? Harry Styles, of course. Jake Gyllenhaal. This one is about Bobby and Ethel Kennedy. It immediately made me think of like how much fun they must have had that night. I ended up reading underneath that it was Ethel Kennedy and Robert F.

And they were like So I just kind of wrote that song from that place, not really knowing how they met or anything like that. And then her daughter Rory ended up coming to a show a couple weeks later and I told her about the song and she was like, you have to meet my mom. She would love to meet you. And the vulnerability that goes along with all of that. Given the title, and that this seems to be about an extremely hot ex, this can only be Harry Styles. Taylor once wore a fox sweater on a date with Styles. A lyric on this song, which seems to chronicle a high-profile relationship?

Jeremy Gordon. Tags: taylor swift. It's rusty.

'Redneck' row for Tom Percy as radio station 6PR cuts ties

Solid damage for a handgun, but not as accurate as other handguns at longer ranges. Favored by Apis. Description: A machine pistol with a high rate of fire and a high recoil when firing small amounts. Description: A multi-barrel machine gun which needs to spool up before firing but, once it fires, sprays bullets at an incredible rate. Description: A weapon which fires pellets of high explosive in a lazy arc. They explode either on contact with an enemy or after a few seconds. Description: Fires an arc of energy. The arc may be partially blocked leaving the rest of the arc to continue traveling, thus it is capable of hitting multiple enemies if properly aimed.

Can still be used as a melee weapon when it runs out of ammo. Favored by Seth. Description: A pistol which fires highly accurate bolts of electricity which, upon hitting an enemy, arc to nearby enemies. Works well for clearing out large groups of weak enemies.

Description: A flamethrower-like weapon that fires clouds of ionized gas, or something. Each shot uses two ammo and fires a cloud that damages the target twice on contact. Range is limited but damage output is high on continuous fire. Resembles the Reegar Carbine from Mass Effect 3. Description: A high-caliber handgun styled after the guns used by Alucard in the show Hellsing Ultimate. A powerful, reliable pistol with a decent amount of reserve ammo.

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Favored by Ammit. Description: A single shot crossbow that fires a volley of arrows in a spread pattern. Description: A box that when opened up, sends three bats out that homes in on enemies.

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Description: A gun with a slow rate of fire that, when it hits, freezes the target for a few seconds. Favoured by Neith. Description: An SMG that fires in 6 round bursts. It has very high recoil that moves the reticle upward, so the player must compensate to not waste ammo.

Favored by Neith.

Description: A high powered rifle that has a low rate of fire and no aiming reticle. By holding down the fire button, the Redneck will aim down the sights of the rifle. Description: Throwing knives with solid damage and accuracy but a slow fire rate. Favored by Amunet. Description: Like a pipe bomb for hipsters.

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Thrown bombs that explode on impact with anything, terrain or enemies. Favored by Thoth. Description: A full auto energy rifle. Fires fast moving bolts of plasma, but still requires the player to compensate for their slight travel time.