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Focus on content that's inspiring and smart, not stuff that's going to make you feel guilty for not having a billion-dollar net worth.

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Forgive your body. Maybe you feel like it has betrayed you in some way. Maybe it's not skinny enough, or muscular enough, or tall enough, or lean enough.

Maybe it's failed you in some medical way. Forgive it. If you're at peace with your body, you'll be one step closer to being at peace with yourself. Be confident in your body's abilities, despite all its flaws, and you'll see a huge difference in how you present yourself and think about yourself. Meditation is the ultimate you-time. It's when you work to shut out everything and merely focus on the essence of your very existence: the movement of your breath.

60 Days to Become Wildly Happy, Confident, and Relaxed!

When practiced regularly, meditation will soothe anxieties and make you more self-reliant and at peace with the world. Your body language is so much more important than you ever realized. Appearing confident is great for walking through life. But it also instills you with a greater sense of confidence. It's a total win-win! But it's true: Writing a blog can influence how you feel about yourself. Having your own online outlets and personal space on the Internet can meaningfully enhance your feelings of self-worth.

Your closet, your shoe collection, your bathroom shelves—if there's anything that can be tied up in your life, tie it up. When you can easily find whatever it is that you're looking for, you're less likely to worry or feel insecure. If your closet is organized, you'll know exactly where your favorite shirt is. If your bathroom cabinet is organized, you won't waste time panicking when you can't find your hairspray or razor.

Use a daily journal to not only chronicle your life but also to lay out your goals, from conversations you want to have to topics you'd like to learn more about to projects you'd like to start. Like any type of exercise, engaging in kickboxing releases a massive amount of endorphins , the feel-good neurotransmitters that make you feel amazing about yourself.

Kickboxing is proven to make people feel more confident, reduce their stress, and feel happier overall. Are you nervous for a job interview? Anxious about a presentation you have to give at work? Study so you know your subject inside and out. The more you know, the less doubt you'll feel. Aromatherapy works wonders for reducing stress. Start with lavender, as the scent has been found to significantly diminish anxiety and depression. Focus on all of the blessings you are grateful for.

Feelings of gratitude will put things into perspective and make you feel fearless. When you're fearless, you'll try anything.

The Confidence Gap

A study found that 61 percent of Americans could not answer more than three of five fundamental financial questions. Managing your finances is complex but crucial. People who understand money management and have a strong financial education are more likely to make better decisions with money. Knowledge is power, which breed confidence. Sure, you want to find your power suit but you also don't want your wardrobe bogged down with clothes that make you feel like crap. Sweatpants with holes? Get rid of it.

Dress shirts and blouses that don't fit right? Toss it. Your wardrobe should only contain clothes that make you feel like your most confident self. You're never too old to learn how to dance! Studies show that dance classes induce a boost of confidence. It's a skill that will carry you through the rest of your days.

5 Secrets To BOOST Your Confidence - How To Be MORE Confident TODAY!

If you don't have confidence, you'll never feel ready enough to leave your comfort zone. And if you don't leave your comfort zone, you'll never build up confidence. So get out of that box and see what happens. Throw yourself into the ring and you'll be surprised with how much endurance you actually have; it might even prove you have more confidence than you realized.

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Whether it's online or in person, meeting new people is an awesome way to practice your social skills and manufacture more confidence. The more you speak to others and learn what makes them tick, the more you'll learn about yourself: Your strengths, your weaknesses, and what you need to work on. Just as you should kick to the curb the negative influences in your life, get a tighter reign on the positive influences. Hone your friend group and be intentional with who you surround yourself with. Make sure you're surrounded by those who genuinely have your best interests at heart, and who love you and want to see you thrive.

Rational positive thinking is a process that focuses on combating and equalizing irrational negativity with rationale and positivity. Be aware of your thoughts, and anytime you experience a negative one, fight it off with a rational thought, followed by one of a positive nature. Rational positive thinking is key to retraining your thought process and eliminating beliefs with a negative impact. You are what you watch. If you want to feel confident in a specific area so that you can confidently and freely discuss it with friends or with coworkers, watch a few documentaries on the subject.

Going back to school is a great way to expand your knowledge about a particular subject or subjects. If you're seriously interested in something—whether it's animal training, becoming a real estate agent, learning American Sign Language, or creative writing—take a class on it.

A Better GMAT for a Better Candidate

You don't have to complete a degree. One or two classes will suffice and make you feel more knowledgeable about that particular subject. Your core group of people should share a few of the same core values as you do. If your support system is also success-minded and wants to find true meaning in this world, it will only make you more confident. Sure, it may seem scary, but it actually results in a massive confidence boost.

Once you take a risk—whether it's skydiving, quitting a job you hate, or moving across the world—you might feel a sense of invincibility. No, you're not invincible, but it goes to show the power of risk-taking: an overflow of confidence. Reach out to someone you admire—via email, via phone, or even via old-fashioned snail mail—and see if they are willing to meet with you over coffee.